Equality pays - leveraging diversity as a force for innovation and success: CM|IP @ NAB Show 2018 Panel

CM|IP Debate Theatre @ NAB Show 2018, South Upper Hall, LVCC.
Tuesday 10 April - 10.30-11.00am

Gender equality, equal pay, ethnic diversity and inclusion are hot topics in the media right now. But why should the TV and broadcast industry care about driving a diversity agenda? The simple answer is in the facts – a recent report by Deloitte shows that when employees ‘think their organisation is committed to and supportive of diversity, and they feel included, their ability to innovate increases by 83%'.

For an industry dependent on innovation, facts such as this should be a good enough and logical reason. But progress is slow. The white, male dominance of the TV and broadcast technology space is undeniable.

On this CM|IP @ NAB Show panel, senior women from the industry will debate the potential benefits for TV companies who embrace diversity and foster inclusion, share some of their personal journeys and discuss what can practically be done to accelerate the pace of equality.

The panel will be moderated by Gay Bell, CEO of Platform Communications.


Stephanie Bauer Marshall, managing director, Sprockit.
Andrea Berry, CEO, The G.A.P. Media Group.
Lise Cosimi-Breant, chief external relations, HBS.
Michelle Duke, vice president, NAB Education Foundation (pictured).
Christina Mixon, managing director, Mixon Digital.
Cathy Perow, SVP creative services ops, Fox Sports.