Limelight sets new content delivery record

Limelight Networks delivered record online traffic levels in December 2017, experiencing a 21% increase on the previous record month of November 2017 and a 23% increase on the same period last year. The uplift in traffic was the result of several large customers turning to Limelight to manage the high demand for content over the busy and performance-sensitive Christmas period.

Despite the volume of demand, Limelight’s focus on quality of service brought a historic low for the number of trouble tickets reported. There were 50% fewer customer incidents, and this was achieved with 5% fewer servers, following software and infrastructure upgrades.

“We’re very pleased with the multidimensional improvements in our performance, functionality and efficiency,” said Dan Carney, senior vice president of operations at Limelight. “Those improvements were the underpinning of our success in efficiently serving record-breaking traffic. Given our global reach, connectivity, secure and private interconnection, and connectivity to last mile providers, we’re more than a content delivery network. Our capabilities are introducing us to new opportunities in the edge computing space. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers who trust Limelight to solve increasingly challenging business problems.”

Photo: Dan Carney, senior vice president of operations at Limelight.